5 Fabulous finds for font websites

Are you a font junkie? Do you instantly notice the fonts on websites and apps even before you read the content displayed? There’s no sense trying to deny your addiction or resist the temptations that are everywhere. Creative minds are continually launching new products and services to feed your font addiction. From on-demand fonts to discovery tools, there are temptations everywhere you look. If you want to admit you’re an addict and give into your cravings, following are five font websites that will satiate your longings:

Font Face Ninja

Font Face Ninja offers Chrome and Safari browser extensions that let you discover the fonts used on websites. Find out the name of fonts and what size font is being used so you can purchase the font for use on your own website or blog. If you’re a font junkie, adding Font Face Ninja to your browser bar is a no-brainer.

Font Park

If you’ve ever wished there was a search engine just for fonts, you’ll be thrilled to discover Font Park. Hunt for calligraphy fonts, Greek-inspired lettering, or even science fiction fonts. From barcode and Braille to food and fire, you’ll find all sorts of incredible fonts when you start digging through Font Park.


What do you get when you cross fonts and icons? Fonticons, of course. Fonticons offers font-inspired icons by subscription. Especially handy for web and mobile developers, access everything from icon sets to custom icons when you subscribe to this incredibly helpful service. Weather icons and emoji icons are just a couple of the awesome options at your disposal.


If you like having plenty of font choices available to you, check out Fontstand. This innovative platform lets you rent fonts. Try out a variety of fonts for free and rent the ones you like the most. Share fonts with others in your office at substantial savings over the full download price. If you rent a font for a year, the rental charge ends and the font is yours to keep. Fontstand is currently only available for Mac OS X devices.

Font Squirrel

If you’re looking for free fonts you can use for commercial purposes, dive into Font Squirrel. They’ve sourced numerous fonts you can use without charge, including retro, chunky, and script styles. Download links are available as well as usability data for mobile and web interfaces.

With delightful options like those listed above, resisting your font junkie impulses is going to be tough. Designers and developers are continually creating new treats to feed your addiction. How many of these amazing options

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