5 Fabulous Apps for Typography Buffs

Are you a font lover who enjoys discovering new typography styles? Do you find yourself capturing images of cool script styles on your iPhone? If so, it might be time to treat yourself to a few mobile apps specifically targeted at typography buffs. Review the following list of iOS apps to see which ones will feed your lust for language.

Type: Rider


The Type: Rider application combines typography and mobile gaming into one delightful download. If you are a fan of font styles, you will definitely want to check out this app. Although it can be a little slow in spots, this program lets you travel virtually through a variety of time periods while you examine the typography styles of each specific period. From prehistoric cave drawings to modern-day fonts, there are numerous lovely typography choices just waiting to be discovered.

Font Nerd


Another mobile app that combines gaming and font discovery is Font Nerd. Scroll through the program and attempt to guess the correct names for each typography style.

The Font Game


The Font Game app lets you study a variety of different fonts and then tests your memorization skills by timing you to see how many styles you can guess correctly. This game is not for beginners. If you think you know your font styles, you will want to treat yourself to this download to see just how much you actually know.

Type Specimen


If you are a font connoisseur, the Type Specimen app from Suitcase Type Foundry might be to your liking. This mobile program lets you tweak your fonts on-the-go. You can be commuting to work on public transit and be completing your design work at the same time. This download works on both iPhones and iPads.

Type Tees


The Type Tees app lets you create your own text-enhanced t-shirts. Offered by Threadless, this iOS app lets you choose from a variety of font styles and colors. You can create whatever text expression you want and have it printed on a t-shirt of your choosing.

These five apps for font lovers are just some of the quirky choices at your disposal. Whether you are a graphic designer or a mobile app developer, having an eye for design choices is crucial to your professional success. Do you think you will be adding any of these typography apps to your iOS device?

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