Proportional and Non-proportional Fonts

A proportional font uses varying widths to display each of its letters and symbols, while a non-proportional font uses the same fixed width to display its characters.

Some of the most popular proportional fonts are Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana and Georgia. Most people find these types of fonts easier to read and more aesthetically pleasing than non proportional fonts, which is why they appear more frequently in published material.

Non-proportional fonts are mainly used for formatting purposes. When characters need to be lined up neatly in fixed columns, a non-proportional font such as Courier or Monaco can be used. Old fashioned typewriters and early computers used fixed-width fonts exclusively.

Sans or Sans Serif fonts for the web?

When choosing your web font it is important to know where to choose from. The first choice you’ll have to make is if you want to have a serif or sans serif font. There’s a huge difference between these two as they will decide the tone of your website.

The Impact of Font Choice on a Resume

In today’s tough job market, job seekers will pursue just about any route to land the perfect position just as employers will use any method within their means to find the perfect candidate. When it comes to the resume or CV, most applicants know how to construct an impressive document that adequately reflects their goals, accomplishments and characteristics.

But in an age of digital onboarding and online submissions, candidates may forget that one of the most important aspects of the CV is its readability. In other words, the font or typeface used on a CV may actually affect that person’s likelihood of getting a callback. The following offers an overview of the most effective fonts for impressing hiring managers.

Sans-Serif vs. Serif

What’s the difference between a serif font and a sans-serif font? As can be inferred by its name, a sans serif font lacks the serif feature of traditional fonts. Typefaces such as Times New Roman, Georgia and Baskerville Old Face look more formal thanks to the curled edges and rounded lettering.